Most people don’t get the kind of results they are expecting when they take the time and spend the effort to lose weight. Although the pounds and the fat come off in general, there are still often stubborn deposits of fat in areas of the body that are noticed the most by others. You can get the results you’re looking for with the help of one of many non-invasive body contouring procedures. CoolSculpting® is the name of one procedure that is safe and effective.
CoolSculpting® for Fat Removal
Decades ago, scientists researching cellular activity noticed that fat cells were much more vulnerable to extremely cold temperatures than other types of cells. The genetic composition of fat cells breaks down in drastically cold temperatures, turning them into nothing more than foreign material in the body. The body then flushes the dead fat cells out naturally.
During a CoolSculpting® procedure, the areas of the body with fat deposits are treated with very cold temperatures. The cold temperature is absorbed by the fat cells underneath the skin. The cold temperatures break down the fat cells, destroying them in the process. This is how fatty bulges are greatly reduced by freezing fat cells. This form of nonsurgical fat reduction is called cryolipolysis.
CoolSculpting® Basics
CoolSculpting® works best for men and women who have been exercising and dieting already and need further help with shaping their bodies. The idea of CoolSculpting® is just as the name implies; to sculpt the body by freezing away fat in key areas of the body.
Areas of the body are measured and marked before the CoolSculpting® procedure is performed. Our team will begin by choosing an applicator that most closely suits the dimensions of the area of the body to be treated. This applicator features a built-in suction mechanism that is intended to vacuum up the skin directly under the applicator. It’s underneath this layer of skin that the fat deposits are located.
When the applicator is applied to the skin, the suction cup inside the applicator holds the bulge of skin and tissue. The temperature drops inside the applicator in order to freeze the layer of fat within the bulge over the course of about an hour. After this time, the vacuum is turned off and the applicator is removed.
You might experience some soreness after the procedure, but the area is massaged gently after the applicator is removed to minimize discomfort. There is no downtime necessary and you can go about your regular activities afterwards. You will notice a reduction of fat in the treated area anywhere from three weeks to a few months afterwards as the destroyed fat cells are gradually eliminated from the body.
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