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If you have a birthmark that you’d like removed, you should speak with one of our dermatologists. Our dermatologists are skilled professionals. If you’re interested in birthmark removal, or would like to know more about birthmarks, our trained professionals are here to help.
What Is a Birthmark?A birthmark is a spot, bump, or mark that is composed of numerous types of pigmented tissue. These marks are typically formed before or during the time of birth. Even though birthmarks are visible, these marks are typically small and do not cause any medical problems. However, you can still choose birthmark removal for personal reasons.
Categorizing Your Birthmarks If you have a birthmark, you should know that birthmarks can be placed into two categories. Some birthmarks are composed of large amounts of melanin, and these birthmarks are called pigmented birthmarks. On the other hand, birthmarks can also be composed of blood vessels, and these birthmarks are called vascular birthmarks. If you have a pigmented birthmark, your mark may appear brown or black. However, if you have a vascular birthmark, your mark may appear to be red, blue, or purple.
Depending on which birthmark removal treatment option is best for you, our medical professionals can reduce or remove the appearance of any birthmark. Our medical office currently offers surgery, laser treatments, radiation treatments, and medications that can help reduce the appearance of your birthmark.
SurgerySkin surgery can be done quickly during an outpatient procedure. This procedure involves removing small amounts of the outer skin to remove the mark. This surgery is typically used for deeper birthmarks. The procedure requires local anesthesia and limited downtime. If you’re interested in this birthmark removal treatment option, please contact our medical office.
Laser and Radiation Therapy Laser and radiation therapy is a great non-invasive option to reduce the size, appearance, and development of a birthmark. Laser therapy is fast and painless. Radiation therapy is also a painless procedure; both therapies have the same goal. If you’re interested in these therapies, please contact our medical office.
Medication If you have a vascular birthmark, you could reduce the appearance of the mark with a prescription medication. Usually this option reduces the size of the birthmark, but does not remove it completely. This medication is typically taken orally, once a day.
In all, we have many treatment options that can to used for birthmark removal. If you have a birthmark that you’d like removed please contact us today to schedule your consultation! Our friendly staff members are eagerly waiting to assist you. Dermatology Center of the Rockies is conveniently located in Longmont and Estes Park, CO.

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