Take Care of Pigment Discoloration with IPL FotoFacial

Many wish their skin looked better, especially those with sun-damage, age spots, rosacea, blotchy or discolored skin or those with large pores, freckle, thin “thread” veins, broken capillaries and wrinkles. One of the most effective treatments is the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL Fotofacial.
The IPL Fotofacial is a great way to improve the look of your skin, and because it is non-invasive, it can be done to make skin enhancements with little risk or discomfort. It is a quick, easy solution to remedy enlarged pores, minor wrinkles, and minimal sun damage. It also requires no downtime, so those with busy schedules can immediately get back to their normal routine.
What Causes Skin Pigmentation Disorders
Many have skin pigmentation issues and have no idea what caused them. There are numerous reasons why our skin reacts the way it does. Here are some common reasons for skin discoloration:
• Age• Acne• Sun damage• Rosacea• Skin cancer• Burns• Dermatitis• Hormonal imbalances
While there is a wide range of reasons why skin may become noticeably darker in certain areas, there are also treatments like IPL Fotofacial that can correct these skin problems.
How IPL Fotofacial Works
IPL uses high-energy light waves which target different levels of pigmentation thereby reducing or eliminating skin discoloration and wrinkles. The IPL light increases the production of collagen, which reduces the look of wrinkles, making skin smooth and giving it a fresh appearance.
The IPL Process
During IPL treatment, our skin care expert will apply a cooling gel to the skin before running a hand wand over the skin, applying the light to the skin area being treated. The extent of the pulses depends on the size of the treatment area.
Is an IPL Fotofacial the Right Choice for You?
When an IPL Fotofacial is performed, it can improve skin texture, eliminate skin discoloration and even reduce pore size and wrinkles. Those that have the best results are those that have elasticity in their skin and lighter skin tones. Also, those taking Accutane should wait a minimum of six months before an IPL treatment, and expectant mothers should wait until after childbirth.
If you have skin discoloration and looking for a fast, easy treatment, look to the non-invasive solutions first. Discuss your concerns with our dermatologist to find the right course of treatment for your condition. Contact us today at Dermatology of the Rockies to schedule your consultation.

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