Rosacea is a common and chronic skin condition that mainly affects the face. It is characterized chiefly by flushing that can develop into persistent redness. A patient with rosacea may also develop pimples and visible blood vessels. This condition can manifest on a number of areas, most commonly the ears, chest, neck, eyelids, chin, forehead, and the lower part of the nose. Here at Dermatology Center of the Rockies in Longmont, we encourage you to learn more about rosacea and what you can do to combat it.
How is Rosacea Treated?
There are several different ways to treat rosacea. In most cases, the dermatologist will prescribe a topical gel called Mirvaso®. This medication works by reducing the size of the facial blood vessels. Consequently, the patient’s skin becomes less red.
What are Triggers?
A rosacea patient’s skin is extremely sensitive, and some environmental factors can cause an outbreak. Such factors are called triggers, and common examples of rosacea triggers include spicy foods, hairspray, alcohol, stress, and heat. Different people have different triggers.
During the consultation in Longmont, the dermatologist will take a medical history and use the information to help the patient identify their triggers. They will then recommend lifestyle changes to help reduce the patient’s exposure to the triggers. For example, if sunlight triggers an outbreak, the patient should avoid direct sun exposure, wear a broad-brimmed hat when outside, and use sunscreen.
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