Are you concerned about the moles on your skin? Have you noticed any suspicious changes? It’s important to communicate these changes with a dermatologist. Contact us today at the Dermatology Center of the Rockies and schedule your consultation to learn more about your skin. Our team proudly serves you from Estes Park, Colorado, and Longmont, Colorado.

What Are Moles?

Moles are dark spots on the skin made up of clusters of pigmented cells. Moles are very common, and they typically appear during childhood and adolescence. They are usually harmless, but when they change or appear during adulthood, they pose the risk of turning into melanoma or becoming cancerous.

Normal traits of healthy, common moles are:

  • Flat or slightly raised in texture
  • Only one color (usually brown, but varies)
  • Round in shape with an even, clean border
  • Undergo no changes from month-to-month

Moles can be removed if they have become melanoma and are now a risk to health. However, they can usually also be removed if you find their presence annoying or unappealing. A consultation with our team can help you make your decision.

How Should I Monitor My Moles?

While most moles are harmless, they are still major indicators of melanoma or other forms of skin cancer. It is important to keep a close eye on moles for any changes.

You should monitor:

  • Asymmetry – one half is unlike the other
  • Border – poorly defined or irregular border
  • Color – multicolored mole that varies and includes shades of black, blue, brown, red, tan, or white
  • Diameter – size of melanoma is typically larger than a standard pencil eraser (6 mm), but can be smaller
  • Evolving – a mole that looks different than other moles or exhibits clear changes in color, shape, or size

Keeping track of any changes of your skin or moles can be critical to your health. If detected early, melanoma is highly treatable.

If you’ve noticed any changes in your moles or have concerns about their appearance, it is imperative to seek medical attention. Our team in Colorado can help you understand the changes that are happening to your skin as well as provide medical advice. In the case the mole has developed into melanoma, it is possible that the mole may need to be removed. However, the best way to receive any answers is by having a consultation with our team.

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