Get more for less with the one in Body Sculpting.

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Are You Ready to Be Empowered?

EmsculptNeo™ is the world’s first device to provide on average

30% fat reduction and a 25% muscle mass increase.

Better yet, EmsculptNeo™ sessions are roughly equivalent to 12-15 weeks of high-intensity interval training!

WHAT IS EmsculpltNeo™?

EmsculptNeo™ is an innovative solution and the first of its kind to simultaneously treat both muscle and fat to dramatically change the tone and appearance of the treated area.  EmsculptNeo™ delivers radio frequency to destroy  fat and a HIFEM® procedure to stimulate muscle in the treatment area.  This gives you more results and more confidence in less time.

The Places EmsculptNeo™ Treats:


Sculpt abs and burn belly fat for a flatter tummy.


A safe and effective way to shape. and lift your buttocks without needles or injections.

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Yes, you can tone up and change the shape of your arms.


Sculpted strong and tones calves in 30 days!

We also offer Edge Applicators!

EmsculptNeo™ Edge Applicators treat four fat spots and all oblique muscles in jus 30 minutes!

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In only 2 hours of treatment time, you can realize the benefits of EmsculptNeo™ that would normally take you roughly 12-16 weeks of intensive interval training.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today and learn if EmsculptNeo™ is right for you. We use ground-breaking technologies to target your specific areas with treatment options best suited for you. 

Need more convincing?

Both men and women are raving about their results. EmsculptNeo™ really works. Here are two examples of Dermatology of the Rockies patients:


10 1

After EmsculptNeo™

9 1


11 2

After EmsculptNeo™

12 2

Discover what your results can be.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation and learn how EmsculptNeo™ can help you reach your fitness and weightloss goals faster, safer and easier.  Unlock your fitness potential.

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