Eliminate Your Double Chin with Kybella in Longmont

Kybella is a revolutionary injectable treatment that is changing the game when it comes to dealing with a double chin. Gone are the days when the only options available for individuals with a double chin was to get invasive, risky surgical procedures. Luckily, now you are able to get the defined jawline in Longmont that you want without undergoing surgery.
This treatment is minimally-invasive. This means that there are no incisions, there is no surgery, and there is no surgical recovery. Kybella’s power stems from the active ingredient deoxycholic acid. Here’s what is beautiful about deoxycholic acid. It is something that your body naturally produces. Granted, the deoxycholic acid used in Kybella is synthetic, but because your body naturally produces deoxycholic acid, it is unlikely that you’re going to have a negative reaction to this powerful injectable treatment.
During the treatment, our practitioner is going to skillfully inject the solution into the fat in your double chin. The number of injections you will receive will vary, depending on the amount of fat you want to remove and the way your body reacts to Kybella. The same is true with the number of treatments you will receive. Some people will need multiple treatments to get results, while many will start to see results soon after their treatment.
From the moment that Kybella is injected under your skin, it goes to work attacking those troublesome fat cells that are causing you to have a double chin. Soon, the fat cells begin to rupture and the fat and the cellular material are absorbed and removed via your lymphatic system.
It is really that easy and that direct. There is no surgery, there is no downtime, and there is no recovery. After the injections, sit back and watch over time as Kybella causes the frustrating double chin that has been bothering you for years to slowly disappear.
One of the great things about Kybella is that the results it produces are permanent. The fat cells that are destroyed with Kybella are permanently gone. They do not come back. Is your double chin frustrating? Then do something about it. Eliminate your double chin with Kybella at Dermatology Center of the Rockies in Longmont. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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