Chemical Peels in Longmont – What to Expect

The amount of stress our skin is placed under means that it can quickly start to look aged, dull, and unhealthy. Problems such as brown spots, wrinkles, dryness, and other skin problems can really take their toll when it comes to the appearance of the skin. As a result, many people decide to seek help from places like Dermatology Center of the Rockies in order to benefit from solutions such as chemical peels. If you are considering chemical peels in Longmont, it is important to have an idea of what to expect so that you are fully prepared.
What to Expect
Those who get chemical peels in Longmont are able to benefit from an amazing transformation when it comes to the skin. As the name suggests, this treatment involves the top layer of the skin being “peeled away” to reveal beautiful, fresh, youthful skin underneath. Of course, this does not happen right away, as it can take a number of days for completion of the process. The first stage of the process will be a consultation, where an assessment can be carried out, and you can discuss the treatment that is best for you.
The Treatment
On the actual day of the chemical peel, the peel application is applied to the skin – this includes the use of a special solution that is designed to benefit your skin in a number of ways. This is a pretty quick process that typically takes just minutes to complete. You will be advised on any aftercare instructions.
On the day following treatment, you may expect to see some redness around the face as a result of the treatment. It is important to be extra cautious with your skin during this period – for instance, say away from strong sunlight and keep your face protected. Remember, during this period, your skin is regenerating, so you cannot afford to sustain any damage.
Eventually, you should see your old skin disappear, and the new, fresh, beautiful skin below will be revealed. You can then start looking forward to really turning heads with your stunning complexion and beautiful, soft skin.
Visit Dermatology Center of the Rockies
For more information about chemical peels in Longmont we warmly invite you to talk to the experts at Dermatology Center of Rockies, with a location in Longmont. We can help you determine if chemical peels are right for you. Contact us today to book your initial consultation.

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