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Psoriasis Action Month

August is Psoriasis Action Month, formerly known as National Psoriasis Awareness Month. The new name change signifies an evolution from just an annual awareness and education campaign to include an action-oriented effort, encouraging those who suffer from this condition to be proactive in treatment efforts. With that in mind, we’ll devote some time this month to […]

youre not alone psoriasis diagnosis treatment 5dcc5f5758526

You’re Not Alone: Psoriasis Diagnosis & Treatment

If you think that you may have psoriasis, you’re not alone. In recent years, some celebrities with psoriasis have begun to share their stories and struggles with this chronic immune system condition that causes skin to become inflamed, producing red, white, or silvery patches and may also be associated with arthritis symptoms. Kim Kardashian, Phil […]

back to school head lice 5dcc5f51c45b2

Back to School Head Lice

Back to school time for kids brings fun, excitement and sometimes the return of nasty, little pests: head lice. September is Head Lice Awareness Month so we’ll share some facts and treatments for this incredibly frustrating and contagious little parasite. Head lice cause’s between 12 million and 25 million infestations each year, mostly in children under 12 years. […]

9 steps to treat dry scalp 5dcc5f4c14138

9 Steps to Treat Dry Scalp

When we think about wintertime, thoughts of skiing, snowboarding and holiday cheer may come to mind. We imagine hot chocolate by the fire, snowball fights and snowflakes descending upon us from the sky. What we don’t think about is flakes from our scalp landing on our shoulders and staying there. No one really talks about […]

new years skin resolutions to keep in 2018 5dcc5f47147f0

New Year’s Skin Resolutions to Keep in 2018

It’s time once again to kick off the year by committing to healthier actions to look and feel better. By making a few simple changes to your caring for your skin, you will make positive, long-lasting results. While some New Year’s resolutions may prove difficult to keep throughout the year, here are 7 resolutions to […]

importance of exercise for your skin 5dcc5f419aea1

Importance of Exercise for Your Skin

Breaking a sweat is even more important than you think. Of course, you’ve heard that exercise is good for you. Whether you want to maintain or lose weight, increase strength, improve your cardiovascular system, sleep better or improve your state of wellbeing, exercise will help. But there’s another reason to make exercise a regular habit: […]

8 ways to combat the winter itch 5dcc5f3c8565c

8 Ways to Combat the Winter Itch

While we’ve had a mild winter so far, colder temperatures, less humidity and indoor heating deplete the thin layer of oil that traps moisture in the skin.  The result is often the dreaded “winter itch,” resulting in itchy, flaky skin. For those with skin conditions, these extremely dry conditions may exacerbate existing conditions such as […]

reverse signs of aging with ultherapy 5dcc5f37317f7

Reverse Signs of Aging with Ultherapy

Most people have a skincare routine that focuses on improving the condition of their face. They will moisturize and exfoliate their skin, and they will use masks and other treatments to make their face look and feel great. Unfortunately, many people are not as diligent when it comes to caring for the skin on their […]

say goodbye to lines and wrinkles with botox cosmetic in longmont 5dcc5f320adb8

Say Goodbye to Lines and Wrinkles with BOTOX Cosmetic in Longmont

There is a reason why so many Longmont residents are turning to BOTOX® Cosmetic to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The younger you look, the better you feel. Have you ever had someone guess your age and they guessed that you were a lot younger than what you really are? Maybe you went […]

tips for preventing and treating acne in estes park 5dcc5f2c3f94c

Tips for Preventing and Treating Acne in Estes Park

Acne is a very common skin condition in Estes Park caused by the inflammation of oil-producing glands and blocked pores. Because it forms underneath the skin, washing away oil and dirt on the surface does not always effectively prevent or cure the condition. While acne most commonly occurs during adolescence, this skin disorder can be […]

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