Although a birthmark usually isn’t a health issue, it can sometimes be a self-confidence issue if it’s positioned on certain areas of your body and if it’s of a large size. If you have a birthmark that you don’t want to see any longer, then consider birthmarks removal at our office.
A birthmark is simply normal tissue that didn’t completely make it to its destination during development inside the womb. They are usually small in size and pose no problems since they are composed of normal tissues. Most birthmarks are various shades of brown, but some of them can be shades of red ranging from dark to bright. These are usually the marks that are removed more than others as they are often located on your face and other areas of your body that make them easy to see.
Marks that are on the skin at the time of birth are considered a birthmark. Some of them are known as stork bites if they are located on the forehead. Others are known as angel’s kisses or beauty marks.
Marks that are made of blood vessels usually show up on your skin as red or purple. Some of them have a blue hue to them. There are marks that are made of breast tissue and lymphatic tissue as well. These marks usually have a yellow color or blend in with the tone of your skin.
A birthmark is usually flat, but if there is a lot of tissue present, then it can be a bit more elevated. Sometimes, a birthmark is an indication of a health issue, which is when you would want to have it removed so that it can be examined to determine if it is a type of cancer or another health issue that would need to be addressed.
The birthmarks removal process usually depends on the number of blood vessels or the amount of tissue that’s involved. The risks will be weighed against the benefits before any birthmark is removed. Laser removal is often considered if you want to have a birthmark removed. The laser will target the pigment of the mark so that it fades over time. More than one treatment might be needed for complete removal. Other options for birthmarks removal include medications and surgical procedures.
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