Achieve Long-Lasting Benefits with Sculptra

People who have experienced significant weight loss often report a sunken look in their face as their bodies respond to the weight loss. Often, these people want to retain the weight loss, but want to make improvements in the appearance of their face. Other times, people are unhappy with their look and want to return to a more vital appearance. There is a way to restore some depth and vibrancy to one’s face even after pronounced weight loss.
Sculptra® is a Polylactic acid-based dermal filler that is injected into the face. Not only can Sculptra® help fill sunken cheeks, it can also improve wrinkles and smile lines. The injection compound is made of synthetic materials so there are usually no issues with allergies. Sculptra® is an effective alternative to a surgical facelift because it can be accomplished through a series of injections rather than an invasive procedure. The treatment results in an even distribution of facial filler and does not make the patient’s face look stuffed or artificial. In addition, the injectable not only acts as a filler, but it also stimulates a patient’s own collagen, which eventually replaces the synthetic material.
Treatment is administered in the comfort of our office. Sculptra® is injected under the skin through a fine needle. Sculptra® requires a series of treatments in order to be effective. Generally, two to three treatments are required for the initial phase of usage. After the initial injection, follow-up treatments generally occur six to eight weeks apart. After that, yearly maintenance treatments are recommended to maintain the effects of the treatment. Patients usually start to notice a difference from Sculptra® within 45 to 90 days after the initial treatment. The positive effects of the treatment last for up to two years. These effects include a younger appearance and a more vital look.
Sculptra® allows patients to receive treatment and return to work immediately afterwards. No time off from work is required other than the time spent in the doctor’s office. Normal activity is possible practically right after receiving the treatment.
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