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Prevention: Skin Exam Basics

The providers at Dermatology Center of the Rockies are committed to cancer prevention and recommend these skin exam basics, provided by The American Association of Dermatology, for optimum skin health and safe sun protection for every member of the family.

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It is equally important to know what skin cancer looks like; by following the chart provided by The American Association of Dermatology, you can view the signs of skin cancer and what to look for when performing your self examination.


Remember, if you find anything suspicious or concerning, call your Dermatologist to schedule an appointment. Dermatology Center of the Rockies offers a full spectrum of cutting-edge medical, surgical, cosmetic, and spa services for children and adults. Our nationally recognized, board certified dermatologists work with expertly trained aestheticians to create customized plans of care for every member of the family. Call 303.532.2810 to schedule your Annual Skin Exam today!