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Other Products

Other Products
OC Eight®  – Eight hours of continuous oil absorption.  This lightweight cream with micro-sphere technology will keep the shine off of your face all day long.  For more information visit:

Fallene SPF Liptect  with SPF 45.  Perfect for people who enjoy the Colorado outdoor scene.  Whether you are hiking a mountain range, skiing or out for a long bike ride, Liptect makes it easy to keep your lips protected from the sun and elements.  For more information visit:

Dr Dan’s Cortibalm– A deeply penetrating lip balm designed specifically for Accutane patients or those who suffer from chronic dry, chapped and irritated lips.  1% Hydrocortisone soothes lips to allow healing.  Never suffer from painful chapped lips again.  For more information visit:

SINECCH™- Made from the herb Arnica Montana, SINECCH™ is the ONLY Arnica Montana regimen that is clinically proven to significantly reduce bruising and swelling after surgery or injectables.  For more information visit:

Hydro-Q Get a more even skin tone and fade sun and age spots with this 4% hydroquinone gel   For more information visit:

Renova®- Stimulate the structure of your skin, reduce fine lines & wrinkles for more information visit:

Kinerase®- Clear acne and increase cellular turn over with a tolerable formula of Tretinoin.  For more information visit:

Hydrosal® Professional- Antiperspirant specifically formulated for individuals with hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). In addition to reducing perspiration, Hydrosoal® also reduces odor.  For more information visit: