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Vascular birthmarks can occur at birth or shortly after birth and the cause is unknown.  Different types of vascular birthmarks include hemangiomas, port wine stains, and macular stains and also many types of rare variations.

Some birthmarks grow and shrink rapidly, develop open lesions, small bumps or ridges and may become thick.  Some can fade over a period of a few years while others can last a lifetime and in some rare cases can have other medical complications associated with them including glaucoma, blindness or seizures.  Many birthmarks, especially those located on the face can create emotional, social and economic complications.

Birthmark treats vary from case to case and depending on the type of birthmark, they may be treated with injectable or oral medications and/or laser therapy.  Contact your dermatologist to help determine products designed for covering up birthmarks or for early treatment options that may be available specific to the type of birthmark you or a loved one may have.