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Back to School Head Lice

Back to school time for kids brings fun, excitement and sometimes the return of nasty, little pests: head lice. September is Head Lice Awareness Month so we’ll share some facts and treatments for this incredibly frustrating and contagious little parasite. Head lice cause’s between 12

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Psoriasis: Causes, Triggers & Types

In support of Psoriasis Action Month, let’s discuss the potential causes, types and diagnostics for this chronic, autoimmune disease. What causes psoriasis? There are several factors linked to psoriasis, including genetics, the immune system and the environment. Significant research is underway. According to the National

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Psoriasis Action Month

August is Psoriasis Action Month, formerly known as National Psoriasis Awareness Month. The new name change signifies an evolution from just an annual awareness and education campaign to include an action-oriented effort, encouraging those who suffer from this condition to be proactive in treatment efforts.

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New Website

We’ve made some changes! Take some time to get acquainted with our new site. In this busy age, being able to find information quickly is crucial. Home Page Features – Search – looking for something specific? Type in your search information at the top right

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